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Robert W. Straley

Here is the film we are going to use to show the horror and abuse that took
place at the "whitehouse" punishment room at The Florida School For Boys in
Marianna Florida. This will go before legislature at some point. Please help
us post this to all abuse groups that they view this compelling and factual

Dear Senator/Representative: This film will be presented to the legislature
by the representing attorneys for the relief of over 300 men who suffered
horrific abuse at the Dozier/Florida School For Boys in Marianna, Florida.

Producer Cut

This film is a depiction of what took place when a boy at Dozier / Florida
School For Boys was whipped in the punishment room at the "white house"
building. Whereas nothing or no one person could accurately capture the fear
and horror that these 11-14 yr old boys were subjected to as they awaited
their turn, hearing the groans, screams, cries and pleadings of their peers,
the act of the beatings (floggings) are filmed in exact detail. The FDLE,
Troy Tidwell, Lenox Williams and Arthur G. Dozier referred to them as
"Spankings" and claimed that no boy ever received over 15 "gentle licks."
Tidwell swore under oath he never "raised the whip over his head." We
refute this monstrous lie with numerous historical data, government
officials and workers at the FSB institution who witnessed these beatings
and described them as "sickening, barbaric, brutal, repulsive and criminal
in nature." Witnessed by: O.J. Keller, Audie Langston, Dr. Eugene Byrd,
Senate President Louis de LaParte, Governor Claude Kirk, Jack Levine,
Chaplin Andrew Bowers, employee Jim Morris and 300+ men who were child
inmates and will attest to the severity of these beatings. All are willing
to submit to a polygraph test on the beatings.

Here is our rebuttal to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's report
on Governor Crist's request to investigate the Dozier School For Boys and
the 31 unmarked graves found on the property. This is the single worst case
of institutional child abuse in America:


FDLE Report: http://thewhitehouseboys.com/abusereport.pdf

FDLE Report:

Robert Straley's Site: http://thewhitehouseboysonline.com/

Roger Kiser's Site: http://www.thewhitehouseboys.com/

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